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    "Did you try VGS Video Patch today?"

    VGS Generic Patcher 1.2

    Release Date: February 22, 2001

    The idea of this new patch was based on Psytek' s first patch: If FF9 could work changing some settings values inside the tnkXfs.dat created by VGS, probably other non-working games could work. So I created a small generic patcher for VGS 1.41 ENGLISH to help advanced users to patch VGS by themself and share with others. It requires that you provide the filename for game ID found in the CD and some non-documented settings, so you have to discover them by yourself.

    *UPDATE* Use GAMES.TXT v1.42 instead. It is easier to use due you only have to copy it in the same directory of Connectix VGS.exe and get the same results and GAMES.TXT includes support for much more games..

    Download: VGS Generic Patcher 1.2 (19KB)

    Related Link: GAMES.TXT Patch 1.42 for VGS 1.41 (5KB)
    Related Link: G-MAKER 1.0.18 (28KB)

    Old versions:
    VGS Generic Patcher 1.1 (19KB)
    VGS Generic Patcher 1.0 - Experimental (15KB)

    New in version 1.2?
    - Allows to modify the Game ID codes in VGS 1.41 patched with PSytek's Fix 5
    Just rename the Connectix VGS.exe (patched by Psytek Fix 5) to C:\Windows\Temp\tnkXfs.dat Modify the game id and codes that you want to experiment, then press the Patch button. After modifying the codes, you can run directly the tnkXfs.dat pressing the Run button or rename the tnkXfs.dat back to Connectix VGS.exe

    New in version 1.1?
    - FF9 patch example is now based on Psytek's Fix 4
    - Added new game IDs that can be changed
    - Included a text file with some additional info that could help patching.