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    Patches News

    *updated* VGS Video Patch XP 1.4 - July 23, 2006 by aldo

    This multi-patch for the Playstation emulator Connectix VGS, enables the emulator to play games at resolutions of 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1152x864, 1280x800, 1280x1024 and 1600x1200, maintaining the game graphics at 640x480 (resulting in a visually less pixelated graphics). The games can play also in high resolution at full screen with certain impact in performance.

    The video patch provides other useful patches like: daNIL's fix that makes VGS playable on Pentium 4 and SaPu's fix that makes VGS playable under Windows 2000 and XP. Other available patches include: Final Fantasy 9 fix and ModChip patch to allow the use of CD-R backups.

    Download: CVGS Video Patch XP 1.4 (59KB)

    *tip* Hit F7 in ePXSe - September 24, 2003 by aldo
    The 'F7' key is magical!! It fixes certain PSX games with compatibility problems in ePSXe. The trick works with some games like: Arc The Lad 3, Micromaniacs, Chrono Cross and others.

    *updated* GAMES.TXT 1.42 for VGS - September 10, 2003 by aldo
    New in this version: Evil Dead Hail to the King Disc 1 USA, Alone In The Dark 4 The New Nightmare Disc 2 USA (both games fixed by Marlon Espinoza).

    GAMES.TXT fixes many other games in VGS 1.41 Mac and Windows: Vagrant Story, Legend of Mana, Final Fantasy 9, Resident Evil 2 & 3, Digimon World 3, Megaman Legends 2, Men in Black and many more. Some games may require the use of PSytek's FF9 fix5 or VGS Patch Limited Edition by 501xx. GAMES.TXT should be in the same directory of Connectix VGS.EXE (or in the temp directory where tnkXfs.dat is stored).

    Download: GAMES.TXT Patch 1.42 for VGS 1.41 (5KB)
    Related Link: G-Maker and VGS Generic Patcher *not required*

    *tip* Gran Turismo 2 on ePSXe 1.5.2 - October 20, 2002 by aldo
    Gran Turismo 2 is playable in older versions of ePSXe, but to make it playable on ePSXe 1.5.2 you should press the number "2" on your keyboard when the game appears to forces ePSXe to reaccess the CD.

    *updated* VGS on XP/2000!!! - July 24, 2002 by aldo
    SaPu updated his incredible patch that makes Connectix VGS playable on Windows XP and 2000. Now takes full advantage of ASPI (if installed) and includes his 'experimental' Pentium 4 patch.

    Download: SaPu's CVGS Win2K/XP Patch Beta 23/7/2002 8KB

    PPF Patches for ePSXe - March 17, 2002 by aldo
    ePSXe 1.51 supports apply PPF/M3S patches without having to burn the game. This is very useful to fix some protected games. Here are some PPF resource sites:

    Related Link: NGEmu's PPF/M3S Patches for PSX
    Related Link: Megagame's PPF Patches for PSX

    Patch for VGS 1.41 on P4 - January 20, 2002 by aldo
    *Moved this old news here*. This patch makes VGS 1.41 Full playable on a Pentium 4. New in this version: Included the older versions of the patch, for people with problems with the latest version.. All credits are for daNIL (the cool co-programmer of [pec]) who made VGS 1.41 playable on a Pentium 4.

    IMPORTANT: It should be VGS 1.41 in English (without any patch, only with Morlac's patch). You have always to run VGS through this patch, because if you run "Connectix VGS.exe" it will overwrite thkxfs.dat file with old values. Remember this patch is still experimental and may not work on all P4.

    Download: VGS 1.41 Fix for Pentium 4 (25KB)
    Download: VGS 1.41 Demo (481KB) *works in P4*

    *tip* Harry Potter in VGS - January 7, 2002 by aldo
    Eko -mr.niceguy- found a solution to play Harry Potter (SLUS_014.15) with CVGS 1.41:
      1. Play "Harry Potter" with ePSXe. (read 3 posts below for additional info)
      2. If you find a place to save, then you can save the game.
      3. After quiting from ePSXe, use Memory Card Manager
      4. Save the ePSXe saved game as a CVGS memory card (xxx.mem).
      5. Run CVGS, change CVGS "player 1's memory card" with your "xxx.mem"
      6. Load and play the game

    *Update*: Use this memory save, if you want to skip steps 1-4. Thanks Eko -mr.niceguy- for the file.

    Note: sometimes you can't hear the "sound effect" (but you still can hear the "music") maybe because of some IRQ problems (???)

    *tip* Grandia in ePSXe - November 29, 2001 by aldo
    Crocox sends a nice tip for Grandia in ePSXe: "use epsxe 1.2.0 instead (because it will hang(get blank screen) during the Twin Towers scenario if you use epsxe 1.4.0. You must activate sio irq enabled (or by pressing F4) to save to memcard." Try the same with Persona 2.

    *tip* Harry Potter in ePSXe - November 26, 2001 by aldo
    You can go further with "Harry Potter: Sorcerer's Stone" in ePSXe making a save state just before the point of crash, then set Force PAL and load the savestate (this trick also worked in Road Rash 3D NTSC). This game has hard SPU irq problems, you should use internal ePSXe SPU core and SPU IRQ hack ON. Thanks Calb and FireGL for the tip.

    *update* Fix Harry Potter using command line "-nosound -forcespu".

    *tip* Misc general tips using ePSXe - November 26, 2001 by aldo
    Memory card problems in ePSXe? Press F4 before save, it enable/disable SIO irq which solves many problems related to save. Don't save yet? Use save state. The game hangs? A few games may work better on older version of ePSXe, but always try the latest version first.

    *tip* Micromaniacs & Chrono Cross without hit F7 in ePXSe - November 25, 2001 by aldo
    You can get Micromaniacs working in ePSXe using the command line parameters: -cdtiming -cdinc. You can also use -cdinc param to fix the problems in Chrono Cross without need to hit the F7 key, and with luck it will fix other games. Thanks Calb for the fix. For additional info on command line settings check ePSXe FAQ

    *tip* Thousands Arms Fix for ePXSe - November 19, 2001 by aldo
    If you want to go further in Thousand Arms with ePSXe, you need to use Eternal SPU 1.1 plugin with Sio-irq option enabled and apply the cheat code (for the US version): 10023458 0 or use ePSXe.exe -loadcheat thousand_arms_ntsc.cht. Thanks Calb for the fix and badaro for the cheat file.

    *tip* Metal Gear Solid in ePSXe - November 10, 2001 by aldo
    Shin recomends better settings for MGS: Use Pete GPUs and activate 'PC fps calculation' in Special Game Fixes. Use Eternal SPU Plugin 1.1 and activate 'SPU IRQ-Wait CPU action'.

    Related Link: Shin's MGS sounds article

    *tip* Front Mission 3, Legend of Legaia, Smackdown! 2 in ePSXe - November 2, 2001 by aldo
    Crocox sent some tips that helped him with FM3 and LoL with ePSXe 1.4: "Just make sure you check the enable accurate cd timing (fm3,Legaia) and one other thing... for better performance i recommend spu eternal 1.0 or spu iori 1.48 and that you activate PC fps calculation in Special Game Fixes on Pete's GPU plugin because if you don't activate this, Front Mission 3 is likely to be very slow! and i also tried Smackdown! 2 with this pc fps calculation and it works fine in the game off course (correct speed), but still has a little bug on the movie and music(sound)". I hope this it helps people having problems with these games.

    *update* Crocox sent moree tips: In order to play WWF Smackdown! 2 a lot faster, i strongly recommended that you use epsxe 1.2.0 instead..

    *new* Konemu patch 1.10 - August 6, 2001 by aldo
    Well this is an old hack to VGS, but as the file is not longer available at the author's site I reuploaded it again. This patch changes the skin, rearranges the menu, includes the FF9 fix and changes the video to 800x600.

    Download: Konemu Patch for VGS (785KB)
    Related Link: VGS Modchip Patches - Required to apply the Konemu patch

    *new* Final Fantasy 9 Patches Page - August 5, 2001 by aldo
    People get confused with so many patches for FF9, so I made a new section to clearify things. Enjoy it.

    Related Link: Final Fantasy 9 Patches Page

    TIP: Show key Item Menu in Chrono Cross using VGS 1.41 - July 13, 2001 by aldo
    Converting Chrono Cross from NTSC to PAL fixes key item menu bug in VGS 1.41. But it requires many steps (PAL4U, CDRWin, Daemon Tools), rBnWares made a tool to simplify this in a single step: convert instantly and no need to burn a CD-R disks.

    Download: rBnWares Chrono Cross NTSC to PAL Patch.

    Related Link: Chrono Cross NTSC to PAL Patch. Apply the patch with PAL4U

    NOTE: rBnWares patch may not work sometimes. To apply the PPF patch: Create an ISO image (Cue/BIN) with CDRWin, then apply the PPF patch with PAL4U or PPF-o-Matic, then play the patched image with Daemon Tools.

    More on Valkyrie Profile - July 13, 2001 by aldo
    fei has posted in the message board a very nice help for all users having problems with Valkyrie Profile on VGS.

    Related Link: fei's help on Valkyrie Profile
    Related Link: sights's help on Valkyrie Profile
    Download: 501xx's Valkyrie Profile USA Patch (579KB)

    *updated* G-Maker - April 19, 2001 by aldo
    G-Maker is an editor of games.txt files for people trying to fix games on VGS, not already fixed in the latest games.txt v1.42. For more info on what is the games.txt and how to use it, scroll down.

    Download: G-Maker (28KB)

    *new* DecDave's Parasite Eve 2 JAP Patch - April 17, 2001 by aldo
    DecDave has released a new BETA patch that intend to fix Parasite Eve 2 JAPANESE.

    Download: DecDave's PE2 Beta 0.01 (8KB)
    Download: VGS Video Patch XP 1.4 (59KB)
    Related Link: FPSE plays Parasite Eve 2
    Related Link: PSinex also plays Parasite Eve 2

    *tip* How to play Harvest Moon on VGS/ePSXe? - March 12, 2001 by aldo
    kchooi posted a solution in Aldo's Tools forum:
    delete all *.txt and system.cnf then rename SLUS???.?? to Psx.exe. Burn to cd-r & play.

    alveox posted another solution that don't require a CD-R, and works with ePSXe:
    Copy the slusxxxxxx to your hardisk and rename it using psx.exe, open your epsxecutor create a new configuration, enter c:\psx.exe (the hardisk is c) on the command line. The harvest moon cd must be in your cd rom. Well enjoy !!!

    *new* VGS Patch Limited Edition by 501xx - February 26, 2001 by aldo
    This pack includes VGS Patch LE2 released by 501xx, which fixes corrupted saves in FF9 and has a neat PSX skin and GAMES.TXT v1.36 which makes some games work including Final Fantasy 9 (USA/PAL), Valkyrie Profile, Persona 2, Brave Fencer Musashiden and more. Read the included readme.txt to learn how to install.

    Download: VGS Patch Limited Edition 2 by 501xx (649KB)

    Mac Patches for VGS - January 6, 2001 by aldo
    Many patches for VGS Mac users, including FF7, FF8, FF9, Legend of Mana, Valkyrie Profile and more.

    Related Link: Shin's Utilities for Macintosh
    Related Link: Hansi's CVGS Page (For Mod patches)

    Games Fixed by Psytek's Patch - December 16, 2000 by aldo
    In addition FF9, other games that the patch seems to fix are: Blade, FF7, FF8, NBA Live 99, Wild Arms 2 (Fix3), Wild Arms PAL and Smack Down 2 (?). You'll have to confirm it by yourself as it doesn't work for all users.

    Download: PSytek's FF9 Fix 5 (based on DecDave) (622KB)

    *new* Shin's KLUG Resource - December 16, 2000 by aldo
    Shin has created a cool list of codes for use with VGS Generic Patcher that will help enabling some games that do not work by default in VGS. The numbers in blue are the codes that you need to change from the 14 internal settings.

    Related Link: Shin's KLUG Resource

    *updated* Shin's Utility Page - December 16, 2000 by aldo
    Shin has updated his utility patch with many 501xx and a very good english description of the patches. In addition you will find many Registry Patches for the layout of popular gamepads.

    Related Link: Shin's Utility Page

    Tales of Eternia JAP on VGS - December 14, 2000 by aldo
    2510's PAR Code will enable you to load the Tales of Eternia JAP and other games.

    E01CA2F0 0000 301CA2F0 0001
    E01CA408 0000 301CA408 0001
    E01CA520 0000 301CA520 0001
    E01CA638 0000 301CA638 0001
    E01CA750 0000 301CA750 0001
    E01CA868 0000 301CA868 0001
    E01CA980 0000 301CA980 0001
    E01CAA98 0000 301CAA98 0001
    E01CABB0 0000 301CABB0 0001
    E01CACC8 0000 301CACC8 0001
    E01CADE0 0000 301CADE0 0001
    E01CAEF8 0000 301CAEF8 0001
    E01CB010 0000 301CB010 0001
    E01CB128 0000 301CB128 0001
    E01CB240 0000 301CB240 0001

    Valkyrie Profile USA on VGS - December 14, 2000 by aldo
    501xx have created a patch for make Valkyrie Profile USA works with VGS. If you are in the world map and you want to go to the menu and return to the world map, VGS will crash. But that isn't a big problem since you can save when you are in the world map. Thanks 501xx and elseno.

    GameShark/PEC Codes for VP USA: (Add with PECEdit)
    Make the whole map black: you only see the towns/dungeons
    D0099975 78FF
    80099975 7890

    Make the map half black: you will see the map quite good
    D0099977 40FF
    80099977 4000

    Tip from fei: Switch to bleem! before going to world map and switch back to VGS when in the dungeon.. Use this code to save anywhere..
    301F6274 0011 (using [pec] and PecEdit)... Click here for more on this tip...

    Download: Valkyrie Profile USA Patch (579KB)

    501xx's Patches - December 13, 2000 by aldo
    501xx updated his FF9 JAP patch with support for Valkyrie Profile JAP. Based on 2510. Note: His page is in Japanese

    Also he provides some GS codes for use with PEC:
    D0099975 78FF 80099975 7890
    D0099977 40FF 80099977 4000

    Download: 501xx's FF9 JAP Patch 10 (DecDave/2510) (579KB)

    Other 501xx patches:
    Download: Registry Patch VGS for DirectPad Pro 1KB
    Download: Registry Patch VGS for SmartJoy II 1KB

    *updated* PSytek's FF9 Fix 5 - December 9, 2000 by aldo
    If you're still having problems trying to play FF9 in VGS with the VGS Video Patch 7c, then try this patch.

    Download: PSytek's FF9 Fix 5 (based on DecDave) (622KB)

    Patch VGS with GAMES.TXT? - December 6, 2000 by aldo
    I just received this email from Steve Bradley with a really cool info:

    Hey I was hacking through the tnkfs.dat file as well and found a filename called: "games.txt"

    Turns out, if you leave a file with all those default settings, called games.txt in the directory of VGS this works!!! I played around with the Final Fantasy 7 settings to make sure, and watched all the polygons disappear, so I figure we can just grow the file!

    I grabbed all the text from the location and pasted it into this file, as well as added more FF7 codes (that's how I tested it). I don't have FF9, but figure you can make sure it works, right?

    Download: games.txt for patch VGS 5KB

    Smackdown 2 playable? - December 4, 2000 by aldo
    I just received this email from Margaret Haney:

    "just emailing u to say that previously when u try to play smackdown 2 on the psx with vgs the menus are unviewable and not displayed, but if u apply the two ff9 fixes with vgs patch 7 this resolves the menu error making it viewable therefore making the game fully playable"

    You're free to comment this in the forum :o) Thanks Margaret Haney for the tip. NOTE: Use Smackdown 2 SLUS-01234