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    "Did you try Agent Reader today?"

    VGS Video Patch XP 1.4

    Release Date: July 23, 2006

    This multi-patch for the Playstation emulator Connectix VGS, enables the emulator to play games at resolutions of 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1152x864, 1280x800, 1280x1024 and 1600x1200, maintaining the game graphics at 640x480 (resulting in a visually less pixelated graphics). The games can play also in high resolution at full screen with certain impact in performance.

    The video patch provides other useful patches like: daNIL's fix that makes VGS playable on Pentium 4 and SaPu's fix that makes VGS playable under Windows 2000 and XP. Other available patches include: Final Fantasy 9 fix and ModChip patch to allow the use of CD-R backups.

    For Windows XP/2000 or Pentium 4 unzip the VGS 1.41 Demo or put the VGS patched with PSytek's FF9 fix in the same directory of CVGS Video Patch XP!!

    New version:

    Download: CVGS Video Patch XP 1.4 (59KB)

    Related Download: VGS 1.41 Demo at 640x480 (481KB)
    Related Download: SaPu's CVGS NT patch.
    Related Download: Adaptec ASPI 4.72 (Required for Win2000/XP)
    Related Download: PSytek's FF9 Fix5 (622KB) for playing FF9.

    What's New in CVGS Video Patch XP 1.4?
    - New screen resolution 1280x800 (common resolution on new laptops)
    - Added Above Normal & Below Normal process priorities.

    What's New in CVGS Video Patch XP 1.3?
    - New graphical user interface.
    - New screen resolution 1152x864.
    - Fixed priority setting for VGS demo version.
    - Fixed SaPu's Full Video Stretch option.
    - Includes the latest GAMES.TXT 1.41.

    What's New in CVGS Video Patch XP 1.2?
    - Full screen at higher resolution (patched by daNIL & SaPu).
    - New resolution option of 1600x1200.

    What's New in CVGS Video Patch XP 1.1?
    - Includes updated SaPu's CVGS that takes advantage of ASPI (if installed).
    - Option to specify process priority.
    - Support for memory dump of VGS Demo (the one that runs on Pentium 4).
    - Changed the default Pentium 4 patch to the combination of the patches: P4a + P4b (Thanks to SaPu)
    - When a P4 command line switches is used, it becomes the default P4 patch. Available P4 patches:

    • P4a: remove the error message "CVGS requires a Pentium II-class processor or later to run." with P4 machines, and prevent VGS to exit
    • P4b: remove the warning message "For best performance, it is recommended that you run CVGS on a system with a Pentium II-class or later processor." with P4 machines
    • P4c: SaPu's Pentium 4 experimental patch (do P4a + P4b)
    • P4d: New default P4 patch: P4a + P4b
    • P4: Original P4 available previous versions
    IMPORTANT: Pentium 4 command line patches are available only for VGS 1.41 full english version

    What's New in CVGS Video Patch XP?
    - Added SaPu's fix that makes VGS 1.3, 1.4 and 1.41 playable on Windows XP and 2000.
    - New design of the graphical user interface.
    - Change the screen resolution/color depth to the specified resolution before run VGS. The original screen resolution is restored closing the video patch. This feature will help some user having problems with VGS that crashes the system when using 24/32 bit resolution.
    - Alternative Pentium 4 patches are available using: P4a or P4b from the command line (These patches work only with VGS 1.41 full). These are the same alternative patches found on VGSp4, in case the default P4 patch fail.
    - To play VGS patched with Psytek's Fix 5, it should be placed in the same directory of the VGS Video Patch. In this case the tnkXfs.dat should not exist in the Temp directory (otherwise it will be used instead).

    What's New in Release 10?
    - Added daNIL's Pentium 4 patch for VGS 1.3, 1.4 and 1.41
    - Improved the video patch on Windows using Unicode (Korean, Chineese, Japanese, etc.)
    - Center patch is now optional (it was causing problems in some video cards)
    - Support for command lines switches:
    v1 v2 v3 v4 switch to resolution of 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768 or 1280x1024 respectively
    center nocenter enable/disable center patch
    p4 enable daNIL's Pentium 4 fix
    modchip enable Modchip patch
    run execute VGS without the video patch interface

    example: VGSVideoPatch10.exe run center p4 v2 modchip