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    "Did you try iNET Grabber today?"

    AWeb 1.5

    Release Date: May 10, 2002

    Aldo's Web Server is a super-compact Web service daemon that not only let you share easily your files, it also acts as a Advertisment or site blocker (to prevent kids access adult sites).

    AWeb is in charge of intercept access to unwanted servers (Ads servers or porno servers) replacing all their content by an invisible GIF image, saving lot of download time and making the pages more readable.

    Download: AWeb 1.5 (112KB)

    Ads blocking requires that you edit HOSTS file (without extension) with a list of server names that you want to block (example: Where HOSTS file is generally located at C:\WINDOWS\HOSTS (or C:\WINNT\System32\Drivers\etc\HOSTS in NT/2000). is the DNS of the server that you want to block. IP address at begining of each line is a requisite..

    Features in AWeb 1.5?
    - Integration with iNET Grabber let you browse web sites using local filters.
    - Auto-restart service, in case of winsock crash.
    - Several bug fixes and improvements.

    Features in Aldo's Web Service?
    - Convert your personal computer in a Web server with support for download resume
    - Share files and folders (choose file types that you want to share). - Block advertisements, counters, images, flash movies and any other content from web sites (through HOST file)
    - Prevent access to unwanted sites (like porno, promos, spy, email spam in HTML)
    - List of IPs allowed to access the Web (example 255.255.*.*)
    - List of IPs blocked to access the Web (example 255.255.*.*)
    - Share your server site with the users of Aldo's Web Service network (Currently not available)